Finish product

Our company started sales of an original final product of off one.
Profinisshar that belongs exclusively to our company : the great care.
I will put and produce it. Article of introduction is "Porsche
917. LH.1970 year Le.Mans" this timePersonal of author
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is made based on Provence Murarju that is a normal kit.

1/43 Porsche 917. Fixed price of LH.1970 year Le.Mans  \ ASK
With in the case of urethane painting & high level

Explanation: Seat belt central lock nut air valve etc that is our company's original parts .
It uses and self-made parts are installed a lot. Please see the explanation of the caption in each photograph.

The wiper is real similar car finish according to making by oneself. It exchanges it for the Frontofendarsrit open hole etching parts. The cooling fan has been exchanged for self-made parts. Falfeirarcapp processes and makes the aluminum stick by oneself.
The rear light is made by oneself plane of acrylic resin and crowding. Uingsta is made by oneself with the etching parts. The caliper gives the gold plate. The logo of the tire has finished by the real similar car spraying painting.

Please order our company the person who hopes for an original final product of the introduction this time.
Moreover, please our company must accept the off one completion at any time and order by all means.

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