Prodction classroom

Please choose the production classroom from
the following course by my ability and hope.

An individual lesson can be attended from Acupuncture Takenaka
active by each model technical journal.

Production course Manufacturing course
The basic production course: Course where the resin metal kit is completed. It recommends it for the beginner because the course that is the most basic. The mastering model course: Course like prototype production and the block copy production, etc. subjacent most. It recommends it for the beginner because the course subjacent most.
The remodeling production course: Middle person of remodeling or how, etc. to install our parts course based on a resin metal kit on the market. The mass production course: The technology that learns by the above-mentioned is made the best use of, and all product making is learnt with an industrial machine. The middle person course.
The full detail production course: Course of a resin metal kit on the market that does the remodeling production to a full detail. The course in the aim of a senior person and the professional. An original course: Course from which only your original kit is produced and manufactured by applying all of the production course and the manufacturing course. You ..this course.. ..can learning.. all can take an active part as a professional.

Time of attending a lecture of each course

On Sunday every week  AM10:00 〜12:00 PM1:00 〜4:00 (During five hours in total.)
Mastering model course of present: Computargrahucc department starting a course

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