Original final product order

Acpanchar and Takenaka who is our Profinisshar will
produce it. The customer's demand is answered and Kima.
Hoso and ..summons.. ..drinking.. finish are final products where the customer
can ..consent.. go. We will all have received the scale and the material.

Price of original final product

I will produce an original part kit.

Our company is etching decal metal original part (& resin Cast and a pull thing.   etc.
I will produce an original kit. As for the hoping person, please give the order to the following address.

Price of original part kit

Model  Making  Acu・Stion membar admission outline

Our company installs member systems of special treatments of the production method and the original commodity purchase, etc.
If latest information and guidance of attending a lecture are received, ..right or wrong.. Canada in the member.
I will recommend that can entering. Please ask even our company in detail.
Attention) Guidance's of attending a lecture being hoped will need the thing that the member joins.

Mail order O.K.

Please remit money after confirming the stock
I will ask by the prepayment. I.M.O.
(International Postal Money only)

Order Tensama

  Strike of ..awaking.. Ri of special contract of - retail store of wholesale store that handles our commodity. awaking
AUSTRIA TEL+43 0699 18 20 35 42 FAX+43 1 28 27 477
Hortensienweg 8 1220 Vienna Austria, Europe
GARMANY TEL+49 2302 - 698 697 FAX+49 2302 - 698 696
In der Mark 214c 58453 Witten Germany

Handling Tensama is being recruited.

Inquiry and order

1-58 Sakaemachi kitagata-cho Motosu-Gun Gifu-Pref 501-0427 JAPAN
Model Making Acu・Stion
TEL/FAX 058-324-2157

【 The storekeeper of handling and the link hope, please inform of our product enthusiastically. 】