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Our company through the medical
treatment (Haricuuca) and the model art
I will offer high-tech humanism

  The medical treatment and the model (model) had been made high-tech by
no idea now at the time of having received the21stcentury. Our company
A high technology is introduced, and treatment and the commercialization of the
disease that modern people tend to have are assumed to be a special business.
TodayThen, a high evaluation is done also in foreign countries domestically from
the beginning. However, the thing very made by a high technology is treated.
In the thing whose the hand work that and classic man do is basic, a kooky thing
is a thing in which the mistake is not found in the age when.The patient is
examined if it says by the medical treatment and the hand is Ata in patient's
body like "Treat" word if there is a bad place.If neither nor man handle the
minion, no stripes. Then, ourcompany : the medical treatment and the model
(model). The thing said that the diagnosis and treatment technology and the product
only of this can be made if it runs, and man studies hard here is seen and the
feeling. I think it is honored if can.
Group of Corporate Takenaka Representative
Director  Acupuncture&Moxibustion Model artist

Our company is medical treatment (Haricuuca) section, a production
section, a production classroom section, and a computer
. It is composed of the division of 4 ..drinking.. section. 】

"Guide of each section"

Medical treatment section Takenaka clinic

    The feature of medical treatment (Haricuu) section in our company is to do the
Haricuu medical treatment based on the present age medicine. In the this hospital
Hore of "Treatment" that is the starting point of the diagnosis and treatment
that is the starting point. review the diagnosis and treatment for three minutes
that is ..peel.. health insurance treatment of , present the provinces It decides
and ..thin.. is treated based on Stecc Medicine. Meiji University of Oriental Medicine
in the this hospital. It is also possible to introduce the advanced medical technology of
the present age medicine at any time because it cooperates in an attached hospital.

  The acupuncture moxa cautery medical treatment based on the present age medicine will demonstrate a marvelous effect of treatment in the disease that modern people tend to have. All of the 47 indications diseases recognized with WHO (World Health Organization) are being treated now.
Because the medical equipment (needle) used for the diagnosis and treatment uses Desportabl (disposable) in the this hospital fully equipped with the latest medical facilities, the patient is defended from the immunologic disease that is becoming a problem now.
  Moreover, this director is also the thing of former athlete and is known the specialty academy of the sports trouble disease especially.
  Because the consultations are the entire private rooms and reservation systems, can it decide and ..thin.. diagnosis and treatment be consulted a physician.
Guide in Takenaka clinic
Diagnosis and treatment subject  General Haricuuca and sports Haricuuca
Diagnosis and treatment time AM9:00〜12:00 PM5:00〜9:00
Day of closing the office  
  Sunday and national holiday                  
                            The reservation system for.
               Diagnosis and treatment at any time in case of emergency case
       I will make a house call according to the case.
However, it treats it on Sunday only at the reservation.

  P parking lot having
TEL/FAX 058-324-0616

 Production section and production classroom section  Model Making Acu・Stion

Model  Making  Acu・ Stion

The superprecision model produced with the technique of
an advanced science engineering technology and Takumi
I will be taken an active part as a pioneer of the model field.

[The memo: The name of the company of Model Making Acu・Stion is named from Acupuncture&Moxibustion of Haricuu.]

  Model  Making  Acu. Stion applies an advanced science engineering technology, and has released various products. Moreover, the superprecision model into whom our product is built by Takumi's technique will produce every perfection that attracts attention. Everyone can easily improve the detail if there is a model mind our product.
  Please use it to make your work by all means

      1/43  Conversion made of metal  Ferrari 312T4
                      Production Acupuncture Takenaka
  Model  Making  The prototype and the final product that Acupuncture Takenaka of the Acu. Stion presider produce are produced with the technique of an advanced science engineering technology and Takumi. It is a business of the production section to assemble the superprecision model not to allow Minituyasaiz of 10p called 1/43 scales to be felt by the technology of skill.
  Moreover, the production classroom is started at any time for the person who wants to learn this technology even a little. For the person who wants to learn the technology of the first class, a splendid chance.
  The course of the production classroom section can be widely attended from the beginner to the professional. Please Acsets to the following place and look at the applicant. TEL/FAX
  Model  Making  Acu Stion  Show room
  In the showroom, the work group that extends it to 100 points that Acupuncture Takenaka were spent 28 years and produced has been exhibited. All masterpieces published in the famous, special model magazine. Which is the work that remains in your memory?
The impression that cannot be tasted with the magazine will be able surely to be experienced.
Moreover, it becomes a reference example in the student of the production classroom section.
We will wait for coming to a store of everybody.
Business hours  At any time  Complete reservation system  Admission fees  \500
Exhibition work: Ferrari F-1 2001・2000・310B・312T4・126C2・126CK・250GTO・421T2・640・643・93A・F189・Enzo.Ferrari  etc.
McLaren M23・MP4/13・MP4/8・MP4/7・MP4/6  etc.
Williams FW16・FW14 etc.
Benetton B194・B193・B192 etc.
J.P.S Lotus 79 ・Ford Tyrrell  023 Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Lotus 25 climaxes  Combentore Porsche ・ Boxster Porsche  GT etc.

-  Computer section

  The computer section that introduces the latest hardware software is doing all product making by a two dimension and a three-dimensional, digital production. Moreover, internet services were started now. End
Moreover, the homepage seen now has been updated once a month at any time. I will ask well ..seeing.. ..the degree.. by all means.
 Our presider are taking charge of making of the data of the Competar division. Is a new homepage now very? Please let me hear the opinion and the impression.

 Model  Making  Acu Stion  For other business

Our company will help all of final product, kit, and product making answering the customer's demand.

Original goods order

  The slide decal seal will do all the prints like Shilcsscren and the offset lithography, etc.Of course, I will receive the block copy data production.   The superprecision etching production will produce the etching in our latest technology. Of course, I will receive the block copy data production.
  I will produce the superprecision thing with the latest machining machine. I will be skillful in a complex cutting like Marubutsu and the hex-head, etc.   I will receive convincing production from the original kit prototype to the data production to say nothing of Cast (metal resin) production.

Group of Corporate Takenaka : Takenaka clinic &
Model  Making  Acu・ Stion  Publishing magazine

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