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Work collection Ferrari  F-1 2001

Acupuncture Takenaka have been introducing a lot of works for many years in the model technical journal.
I will introduce the work to everybody little by little every month. It introduces it with that Model Cars this month.
Done Ferrari F-1 2001 was taken up. The work with a high worldwide evaluation.

Model Cars No.75 Publishing work

1/20 Tamiya ki tto bas: Conversion  Japanese GP specification   1
Production/explanation  Acupuncture Takenaka

The work with a high quality that builds in original parts made of AcuStion the detail.

This work uses the following, original parts. Please produce you by all means referring to the example.

F-2002 Photograph.

Front view Side view Side intake
Front wing Rear view Drive shaft
Rear wing Tire & Wheel Front suspension