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Publishing work of Model Cars No.103

The transformer kit set of Porsche Carrera GT for TAMIYA company.

As for the content of the kit, the superprecision etching, the sawing thing, and the press part metal part data plate are collected.
Please assemble referring to the instruction of the kit and material in hand and look at the assembly method.
The part group that researches a real car will reproduce the detail improvement to the detail.
Please test your skill by all means.

Transformer kit : \18.900

Superprecision etching part * mechanical part set.
Sawing thing * suspension ×4 
 Air valve ×4.
Press part * engine food ×2.
Metal part * mechanical parts ×23
Data plate ×1

 Single goods bought easily ..various.. are prepared.

 Etching              \2.200
  Suspension ×2    \3.100
  Suspension ×4    \6.000
  Metal parts ×23    \6.500
  Press parts           \1.700
  Data plate Each color ( red, black, yellow, and silver)  1.900