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  The superprecision etching part series gotten popular : to the latest etching technology.
Became more beautiful more finished. Moreover, the injection parts by the metal mold molding.
It is manufactured by the computer system with the latest possession
and the product making of the high quality is done.

  The antenna braid for popular series G Robo. The one's most charming feature of G Robo. The antenna braid was cast with the white metal. If painting is given in clearing yellow after it Porishings it, the feeling of quality of the metal will produce enough. If the detail improves further, how about your G Robo?
  Made of white metal  2 piece single-unit
1/100 Blade antena \ 1.236
  The second bounce and character and G robot 1/100 following front commodity  Braindolbarset. Please install the lace in the exhaust opening on the installation method in open hole.
One piece a piece, and the open mouth completion now up to the angle of the favorite as for Lbar. Please use it by all means if you reproduce a real exhaust opening.
1/100 Window shade louver \ 1.236
  Our company is appearance of first the first injection part bounce "Finger Paul (Sabou)". Wanting to put the action of the finger of the character robot now was and there was no suitable material. Might the thing that you of the modeler trouble. However, if this material is used, the action of the finger can be easily reproduced. The usage can be bent fairly easily, and install it with a brass stick pomade adhesive on the market, please applying a favorite pose.
1/100 Finger Paul (square&circle) Each \1.236
  Our first the first character robot series bounce, and Braindolbarset.
In the round, I will reproduce the exhaust opening that has been spoilt up to now. Please cause one piece a piece with tweezers, and install each louver on the installation method.
1/60 Window shade louver \1.545

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