Original kit

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                                      Metal kit  Compatible   \15,500
                                      Final product        Azumagerou model     \84,460
                                                      Car on the market model      \79,310 

      Trademark and design approval with Toyota Motor intellectual property part part
Set putting it on the market.

Final product  Azumagerou
  Order product
          The article is published in issue Hobby JAPAN in
July of the sale on May 25. Refer to P.162.
          Issue in August of sale on June 26  Model 
 The art article is published. Refer to P.72.
The News flash: I will sell it directly answering the demand
of everybody for this final product
The hopCalls TEL058-324-2157.

  The our company's original final product and the car of Toyota sports 800 on the market specification were released. Because Tagaltopp is a detaching type, the detail in the cockpit can be appreciated.
It will sell by mail for this commodity, and call the following place, please.

Order  To TEL 058-324-2157.
Toyota  Sports  800 
 Car on the market specification
Red, White, Silver  Each color car  \79,310

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