4ch ワイヤレスコントローラー/制御装置(WiFi+電波) (キット&完成品)

ACT-0430 4ch ワイヤレスコントローラー/制御装置(WiFi+電波) (キット&完成品)

誰でも簡単に操作出来る4ch ワイヤレスコントローラー/制御装置(WiFi+電波) (キット&完成品) 受注生産商品


☆汎用性の高い4ch ワイヤレスコントローラー/制御装置(WiFi+電波)です。

★通信可動有効範囲半径10~100M 程。3モードによりボタンを1回押す毎にON.OFFの、ジョグモードで設定。
★降圧コンバータ DC-DC 4-38Vにより、自由に電圧変換が可能。初期設定は、3.0V。

【備考.1】使用アプリケーション・eWeLink (アイフォン/アンドロイド対応) + 付属コントローラ
【備考.2】サイズ145×85×22mm 重さ170g バッテリー電圧12v (スイッチングACアダプター100V–12V) 併用可。

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Easy to operate by anyone 4ch Wireless controller/Control device (WiFi+Radio waves) (Kits & Completed) Made-to-order products

【Product features】

☆A highly versatile 4ch wireless controller/control device (WiFi + radio waves).
This is a dedicated control device that can be used for all kinds of electrical gimmicks such as scale models.
Light and compact, anyone can set it up and operate it. Kits are also available,
We recommend finished products that can be used immediately after purchase.

★Effective communication range radius is approximately 10 to 100M. 3 modes: ON.OFF each time the button is pressed, set in jog mode.
★Step-down converter DC-DC 4-38V enables free voltage conversion. The initial setting is 3.0V.
★WiFi smartphone operation is possible inside the room. It can also be operated outdoors using the included controller.
★It is also equipped with a manual switch, allowing you to turn ON.OFF the four modules.
★Power can be supplied by either the built-in battery or the switching AC adapter.
★We also offer a variety of related electrical parts that have standardized specifications. (Sold separately) 

【Remarks.1】Application used: eWeLink (iPhone/Android compatible) + included controller
【Remarks.2】Size 145 x 85 x 22 mm Weight 170 g Battery voltage 12 V (Switching AC adapter 100 V–12 V) Can be used together.